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Changed (?) power types
Bug #: 7775
File: MikScrollingBattleText
Date: 09-09-12 07:29 AM
By: cmtitan
Status: Fixed
Inside Iso'rath (Twilight Highlands) the corruption registers as a power change. The power type is 10, which is SPELL_POWER_ALTERNATE_POWER. According to the powerTokens array this is the ALTERNATE_POWER power, but ALTERNATE_POWER does not exist (any longer, I guess?) in 5.0.4. The same goes for DARK_FORCE (I tested a few) and possibly others.

This leads to an error in MSBTMain on line 389 where the third argument to string_gsub, powerString, is nil instead of what the name of the power type.

Updating the powerTypes table in MSBTTriggers will resolve this problem and possibly other problems as well. What the correct constant names are for the power types in MoP I do not know.

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By: cmtitan - 09-30-12 10:54 AM
This seems to have been fixed in the most recent version.