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Missing Default Sound Files
Bug #: 8050
File: MikScrollingBattleText
Date: 11-12-13 05:51 PM
By: Strongsteel
Status: Unconfirmed
Hi all,

I've recently returned to WoW after almost a year of inactivity. I loved the events & Triggers of MSBT, and customized my own notifications, fonts and sound settings etc. However I never added my own custom fonts or sounds, I used what was given - particularly the sounds (Shing!, etc)

I've noticed now that the only sound files I have in my MSBT/Sound folder is Cooldown, Mana Low, and Health Low. I have uninstalled and reinstalled MSBT several times, always with WoW closed, and I have tried running WoW with MSBT as my only enabled add-on and all add-ons enabled. The Sound folder itself is lacking

Could I please be provided with a fix, or a link of the old default sound files to import to my Sounds folder?


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By: Strongsteel - 11-12-13 10:40 PM
I've done an extensive amount of research - it's hard to find ppl with a similar issue to me, but on an old mmo Forum Thread I have some more examples - "Wham!" and "Simon Chime" and the post gives me the impression they have been merged intoa default WoW file. If so, what file is this and how would I access it? I can see my Sound file in my WoW/Data folder but it's an MPQ file and I'm not sure how to view it
By: Strongsteel - 11-12-13 11:05 PM
I also tried downloading an addon "SharedMedia" to no effect