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Guild name placement, pvp rank display, cursor attachment
Feature #: 1193
File: TinyTip
Date: 08-08-06 11:23 PM
By: Phanx
Status: Under Review
Actually three requests... wasn't sure if I should submit three posts or not. If I should, please let me know and I'll separate them.

First and most importantly:

Any possibility of placing the guild name between the player name and level/class line, instead of after the level/class line?

I've tried quite a few tooltip mods, and it always bothers me having the guild at the bottom... it seems like it should be consistent with NPC secondary tags like "General Goods Vendor". I like everything else about TinyTip, but the guild name placement just drives me nuts!

Secondly, and not nearly so important:

How about an option to show both the pvp rank name and rank number? I'm terrible at remembering which number matches which name. :p

Thirdly, and about on par with number two as far as importance for me:

Rather than having the tooltip follow the mouse as I move around over the same unit, how about a "snap" option where as long as I'm still on the same unit, the tooltip stays in the spot it first appeared?