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More Options for Cursor Anchoring // Customizing 'Growth Point of Tooltip'
Feature #: 1224
File: TinyTip
Date: 08-14-06 02:56 AM
By: johndoe
Status: Under Review
I'd really like to see more options for cursor anchoring.

Currently, when the tooltip is anchored to the tooltip, the tooltip's directly centered beneath the cursor.

I'd like to anchor it to the bottom right of the cursor. I can use the x- and y- offsets but because the tooltips aren't of constant size it's never 'perfect'.

Another option would be to make an option where you can choose at which point of the tooltip the offsets should 'pick up'. E.g. if you chose "top left corner", this corner would be put under the cursor (x- and y-offset = 0) and you could customize from there.

The second suggestion got the bonus that it'd provide customizability to the point from where the tooltip 'grows'.