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Feature #: 2249
File: TinyTip
Date: 05-04-07 01:19 PM
By: JaedxRapture
Status: Under Review
A great feature to see in this addon would be the option to change the healthbar. I'd like to be able to change the bar texture via the Surfaces library, and have the color of it fade into red as health depletes.

Another great option would be to move the healthbar so that it's within the tooltip. I can't do much to show you this idea, as I lost my copy of Photoshop, but basically have the healthbar inside the tooltip, over the tooltip's background at the bottom, instead of hanging in mid-air below the tooltip.

I don't much care about the second option (although it would be very nice), but I'd really like to see healthbar texture replacements and healthbar coloring.