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My AddOns
    Welcome To the Pit of Fogoten Addons..
    All I have done to the addons I have is Update them and i try to fix the bugs out of them That is Basicly what i do with old addons that still have some potential..

    Also I Know I have The Worst Spelling ever but i am only 14 so give me a break

    I Will Continue to update and Atempt to fix addons If you want one updated PM me send me an email at [email protected] ((alot easer to copy and paste that :P))

    I am Trying to make Something for the Quoter To Reduce the spam or make an addon for the people who have guildies that seem to abuse there quoter that ignores it

    Alarm Clock Wrangler I am Trying to make a fubar plugin for this Not Sure on a Eta but hopeFully it will be out with in a few weeks (( might have to Make a /comand to shut off the alarm or set it to snooze Not Sure on how im going to work that part in yet but i will Add a Thing to hide the Little Ciricle Frame and Also Open the Menu thing)) there is no garentee on a release or if it will even work i might just make it so it toggles the option frame and You can move AlarmClockWrangler so its uncder fubar but you can see the bottem of it still .... if anyone else wants to make this go ahead...

    ((= / To bad Lua isnt more like Mirc scripting then you guys would have addons comeing from me about every 2-3 days))

    I am Starting To work On a AlarmClarkWrangler Plug in for fubar ((wont port the Titan one))
    This will Most likely Have it so It will Use The one ive updated as a dependancy With the option to hide The Other Frame or Keep it Up Not sure yet but i am working on it......
    An ETA on it Most likely 1-2 weeks Depends on how busy i am

    ((might make it a Fubar 1.2 Plug in those seem easer to make >.>))

    No garantee it will work or even Be usefull ((read above))
    08-29-06 11:30 PM by: devlark
    Please Feel Free to Report Bugs here / Requests and i will get it fixed or done ((hope fully))