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    Frame Faux Regex Support
    Feature #: 1481
    File: Sprocket
    Date: 09-26-06 07:21 PM
    By: trankillity
    Status: Feature already added
    Haven't had a chance to try yet, but I'm assuming this functionality doens't exist. Would be nice to be able to put in something like Perl_Raid_Unit_1..40 or Perl_Raid_Unit_?? or something for the frame name to add each of the raid frames to a trigger.

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    By: Dreyruugr - 09-26-06 07:58 PM
    This should be possible now. Click "Add", then turn on "Scan Frames" and mouse over the frame you'd like to set a trigger for. The names of the frames you're mousing over will print into the chat window. Then go to "Custom" and type in the name of the frame you want.
    By: trankillity - 09-26-06 09:37 PM
    This is not in any way what I was actually requesting. Say you have 40 raid frames, it's not very sensible to make 40 entries in the triggers section. As such it would be good to have some way of either using regex patterns or wildcards in trigger frame names. I know how to find out frame names easily enough, but adding 40 separate frames would just be silly.
    By: zabuzaflamecaller - 09-27-06 07:36 AM
    The problem would be trank that you will have to set the target of each raid member, and that's not possible with your wildcards (assuming your trying to heal them)
    It is nice however for Perl to be able to merge a few frames (like Player_Statsframe and Player_PortraitFrame)