02-26-08 06:02 AM by: Jayhawk
It seems that SkillsPlusFu is stable enough not to need much more maintenance than updating the version numbers. PetInfoFu saw some more changes in the last couple weeks.

Basically I did some rework on the happiness calculations. It works a little better now, but it's still only a rough guide. As I've been playing my hunters a lot these days, I also noticed that I was hitting Mend Pet too often and added a little draggable window showing when it's up. Kergoth was kind enough to add a menu option for all those of you who are using various cooldown mods to get the same (and more) information.

Having recently started another 'lock made me realise that the nethered demons were no longer properly stored. I fixed it, but it leads me to believe that either not a lot of warlocks use my addon, or that they don't use the nethered demon functionality.
Personally, I use it to keep me from buying those demon tomes again and again...