12-10-06 09:36 AM by: Jayhawk
Well, I managed to update my addons to 2.0, but bumped into a lot of troubles with the Ace2 dependencies. I think I got it right now, but I'm not 100% sure, as there's still a few strange things happening. The libraries seem rather picky in the way they load.

Of course, the update to CastSpellByName caused some things to change. For SkillsPlus this means that it's no longer possible to use it for Disenchanting, Fishing, or Lock Picking, so these options were removed.

Fiddling around with the libraries did make it possible for SkillsPlus to be run by itself (without FuBar).

Note: These versions will be uploaded 2006.12.11!

I've also been spending time updating corgi's PetInfo to 2.0. I'll contact him in the near future and see if I can upload it.