12-17-06 08:42 AM by: Jayhawk
I made some changes to the datamodel (you might want to throw away the old FuBar_SkillsPlusFu.lua from the SaveVariables directory, to one that will not be confused by characters being in different profiles. I guess this worked earlier, because the profile data didn't work as FuBar intended. Now it seems to work, and I needed to move a lot of data to db.account, rather than leave it in db.profile. While I was at it, I removes some options to db.char for consistency sake.

I also found out the Purge option was broken since 2.0 and managed to fix it.

Meanwhile, 2.0 had broken one of my favourite hunter addons. I contacted corgi, who was happy to let me take over the addon as he had no intentio0ns of updating it. Some of the functionality changed, as the 2.0 changes broke the summoning and healing of pets. Some functionality was added, such as keeping track of which pets are in your stable and allowing you to keep a track of all pets ever stabled (or at least from the moment you started using the addon).

I hope you like it.