05-20-07 09:16 AM by: Jayhawk
When 2.1 hits my desktop, and that shouldn't be too long from now, I'll upload versions 2.4 of SkillsPlusFu and 2.1 of PetInfoFu. The changes to the first are relatively small, where as the latter contains a plethora of new features.

SkillsPlusFu 2.4
As per Grizzly's request, I've added herbalism, mining and skinning to the Other toons skills menu. According to the wiki, lock picking should be possible to access with a CastSpellByName, so I'll be looking into that too. If this works, it will come in the new release of SkillsPlusFuLt as well. I did fiddle with making the Prospecting skill available, but that caused the expected violation error and the offer to disable SkillsPlusFu.

PetInfoFu 2.1
I've been playing my hunter (Woodsong of Kul Tiras) some more and figured some bits were missing. Mostly to do with the skills available to my (not so) little pet wind serpent Lazuli.

I've added the option to show the skills for the current pet. PetInfoFu will also write down all known pet skills when you open the trainings window and will match those versus what skills your pet knows. PetInfoFu will then show when an available higher rank of a known skill can be learned.
So, say you have a level 6 pet called Sholay, who knows Growl Rank 1. You know Growl Rank 1 and Rank 2. When you display Sholay's skills, it will show:

Growl Rank 1 (10)

With 10 being the level this skill can be learned. If your pet's level is too low, as in little Sholay's case, the number 10 will show up as red. If it's a skill you can learn him, it shows up in the default yellow.

I've tested this with a recent character (Natarani of Kul Tiras) too and it seems to work like a charm.

Now I also have a level 42 warlock, who's been getting annoyed with figuring out which skills her demons know. So taking the same approach, the Show pet skills option will show you the skills of the current demon. This is nice when visiting a Demon Trainer for new tomes to be trained to said pet, but... how about the other ones?

Well, PetInfoFu will keep track of all the skills a summoned demon knows, and will display those belonging to any of your demons currently cavorting in the Twisted Nether. Should cost you no more than a handful of shards to get the initial skills logged, and from there on PetInfoFu will do the remembering for you.

As she's a little small to enslave demons, I'm not sure what happens to those...

Anyroad, stay tuned.