09-21-07 12:23 AM by: Jayhawk
I hope to uplaod the next version of PetInfoFu soon; hopefully this weekend.

It will contain the following changes and additions.

Mayday asked for the possibility to show how much XP you got from your last kill, and how many mobs of that type you'd need to get your pet to the next level. Show experience: By Kill should make that possible.

All Show Experience options will be hidden if your pet has the same level as you do.

Someone mentioned in his blog that he'd like to see the happiness of his stabled pets. This has been added as an option: Stabled Pets|Show loyalty. He'd also wanted to see how far along a level they were but I couldn't figure out how to get that to work.

Petopia's Mania mentioned she'd like a sound played when a pet is able to learn a new skill. I realised there are two options for this: either Training Points (happiness and/or level related) gained, or level gained. You'll be able to select for what event you will want to be notified using the Play sound: On TP gain/On new skill available option.
The On new skill available is not really useful for pets that are tamed at maximum level, as my hunter Woodsong found out when she started using this for her pet Kaliri owl.