10-17-07 07:39 AM by: Jayhawk
With help from the hunters at TKA Something (link) I've been working on a way to numerically show pet happiness. The original impetus was given by siggboy who wanted to know whether he should feed his pet before attacking the boss mobs.

I'm getting a generous hand in play testing from Someone , for which I'm much obliged.

While I was working on the above, I added another of siggboy'ssuggestions (and I think I remember Someone asking for something similar), namely a way to save the skills of your stabled pets and a way to look at them without visiting a Stable. I added a little tool tip, which will pop-up when you click the name of a stabled pet. When you have initialised the data, it will show the available skills (and a pretty portrait) of said pet.

To get the data saved, just open the Stable window which will trigger saving information concerning your current pet. If you swap pets and close the Stable window again, the tool tip for your previous pet will show all you need to know.
Rinse and repeat for all pets. The data will get updated every time you visit the stable.

I hope to upload a release version soon.