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First Aid issue with frFR
Bug #: 2297
File: FubBar - SkillsPlusFuLt
Date: 10-11-06 02:07 PM
By: Morok
Status: Game Bug (Cant fix)

I've noticed a small problem with the skill First Aid on an frFR client.

The problem is that the skill and the profession are not translated the same way in french.

The skill is "Secourisme" and the profession is "Premiers soins".

Because of that, First Aid doesn't show on right-click menu, and if I addapt Babel Spell to use Secourisme instead of Premiers Soins, it does show on the right-click menu, but click on it does nothing.

I'll report the translation issue to the Blizzard forum.

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By: Morok - 10-12-06 07:33 AM
Translation will be modified (hopefully in next patch), Both will be translated to Premiers Soins, which is the translation found in Babel-Spell.
By: Jayhawk - 10-12-06 09:27 AM
Thanks for looking into this. I've done some digging in Babble-Spell and could (indeed) only find one translation. If Blizzard is indeed going to patch this, this should solve the bug.
I'll set the status to "Game Bug" and will (for now) hope for the best.

You could fix it in your local copy by using the string Secourisme instead of the Babble translation for First Aid in the SkillsPlusFu:AddProfessionMenu(skillName) function. This should look like:

if (skillName == BS"First Aid") then
'text', "Secourisme",
'func', function() CastSpellByName("Secourisme")
self:UpdateText(BS"First Aid",BS:GetSpellIcon("First Aid"))
'arg1', self

By: Morok - 10-12-06 05:32 PM
I'll test that, but I have some doubt. Secourisme is the translation of the skill and Premiers Soins the translation of the spell, so I thought of something more like

if (skillName == BS"First Aid" || skillName == "Secourisme") then

but I'm not sur if the or is || in lua.
I'll test that when I have some time. (tomorrow..)

For traking purpose, here is the link to the blizzard forum thread about that : http://forums.wow-europe.com/thread.html?topicId=53355489&sid=2
By: Jayhawk - 10-12-06 10:14 PM
Oops. Sounds like I turned things around, in which case yours is the easier solution. The || in LUA is OR (there's several in the script itself if you want to double check).