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Missing Engineering from SaveProfession function
Bug #: 2313
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu
Date: 10-18-06 08:48 PM
By: thegabbert
Status: Fixed
Lines 446 and 447 of SkillsPlusFu.lua both say:

(skillName == BS"Enchanting") or

I'm assuming that one of those should be Engineering.

Also, could you add lines for Fishing, Herbalism, Mining, Skinning, Lockpicking, and Poisons to that same function? I realize that everyone might not want to save these skills for their alts, but it would nice to at least have an option to save secondary, gathering, and class skills.

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By: Jayhawk - 10-20-06 04:02 AM
Oops. I've fixed and uploaded it (v2.1.1).

As for the other skills. I think it would be easy to add them with an extra option, however...
The reasoning behind saving only the listed skills is that they all require recipes, which (for me) seems to be the only reason you'd like to know what your Alts can do, i.e. helping you decide: do I buy this recipe?
Which is why Fishing, Mining, Lockpicking and Poisons are not saved.

Herbalism and Skinning are a different kettle of fish. Neither of these two is used interactively. So (again to me) it didn't make much sense adding them to the interaction list, and even less to be saved.

Last but not least, I have five characters on the same server, that means with the current layout, I get a list almost the full height of my screen, adding 2-6 lines per character would make it scroll off the screen. I'm not sure that's desirable.

Still, I'm open to suggestions. Convince me?
By: thegabbert - 10-20-06 08:00 PM
I admit that recipes are the most important reason to track skills for alts, but I have another mod for that: RecipeRadar. Mostly I just like knowing where my skills are at and a FuBar plugin with a nice simple list is much easier to access on a whim.

I have 8 characters on my server, so I can certainly empathize with the tooltip-too-large argument. But mine's so large that even without adding the skills I asked for it's still longer than my screen can fit. So each of my characters is set up to have all the other alts' skills collapsed by default, and I just expand the one I'm looking for - with that setup, an extra 2-6 lines per character doesn't make much of a difference.

I can't be the only one with this many characters, perhaps you could (again, maybe optionally) display each character's skill set in multiple columns instead of listing them vertically. It might also help to be able to not display certain skill types. (Myself, I just collapse the weapon skills and languages, etc., might be nice to just turn them off completely and save the two lines.)

All that being said, I understand that not everyone will want the change, which is why I suggested making it an option to save/display those skills.

If that's not enough to convince you, that's cool. I'm a mod author myself, so I'll just add the code for the skills I want myself.