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Showing cross faction when not enabled
Bug #: 2348
File: FuBar - SkillsPlusFu
Date: 10-28-06 01:04 AM
By: Vytae
Status: Fixed
I noticed when enabling the option to view all characters, there was at least one character showing up that was on the opposite faction. I do not have the cross faction option enabled as that would have shown my other characters.

Also mentioned, the option to purge character info as I saw toons I no longer had showing up as well as skill info that was no longer valid for current toons (ie rerolls that took different skills than their previous incarnation).

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By: Jayhawk - 11-02-06 06:09 AM
Could that be an Undead character?
By: Jayhawk - 05-31-07 09:10 PM
Possible spelling issues in Babble.