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might have trojan win32 - account got hacked after downloading this mod
Bug #: 4482
File: FuBar - PetInfoFu
Date: 04-26-08 01:45 PM
By: aeriegirl2go
Status: Unconfirmed
I can't pinpoint that this was the mod that carried the http://s.wowinterface.com/images/style_mmoi_wowi2/smilies/mad.gif
trojan win32 that allowed my account to be hacked , but it was one of about 7 mods I downloaded from WowInterface on Sunday, April 20, and my account got hacked on Tuesday, April 22 (I discovered early Wednesday, Tuesday was a rare day that I didn't log on at all). So BE CAREFUL!!!!! Blizzard still hasn't restored my account, it took them 2 days to even respond to my complaint via their site form, at which time they said they refused to communicate with me via e-mail because my e-mail no longer matched the account (DUH! the hacker changed all the vitals on the account: password, security question, etc!). Seriously considering Guild Wars.