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Anywhere Minimap button
Feature #: 2798
File: Fizzwidget Hunter's Helper
Date: 06-14-08 10:22 AM
By: LadySilverwolf
Status: Wont add Feature
Love this addon you have created Gazmik, I really do.

Request: Provide the ability to move minimap button anywhere on the screen.

I currently am using the MazzleUI and although the minimap is down in the center, I find there are OTHER locations a minimap button could be placed other than around the minimap, that would provide a neater/cleaner layout. Especially with square maps.

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By: Gazmik - 06-14-08 05:55 PM
There are several addons which allow one to relocate and restyle minimap buttons (those provided by the default UI, as well as any provided by other addons) in all manner of configurations. I'd prefer to keep my addons lightweight, so I'm not too keen on duplicating their efforts.