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Problem with the click - down menu
Bug #: 2900
File: Yatlas
Date: 12-29-06 12:41 PM
By: cyral
Status: Confirmed (Working on Fix)
First to say one of the best map-mods around and finally for 2.0, great work - stay on.

But in 0.7.5 it developed a problem with the clickdown - menue of yatlas (the one to choose the continents and areas). The interval of opening is so short that it's impossible to read clearly or even change the area. Before I'm able to move the cursor more than one line downwards the menu is closed again.

Hope you can help. Thanks

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By: endx7 - 12-29-06 02:36 PM
It appears another AddOn might be the cause of this. Does this still occur if you disable all other AddOns except for Yatlas?
By: cyral - 12-30-06 02:55 AM
Through testing I discovered that you're right. There seems to be a problem with the AlphaMap addon. I'm not quite sure if its belong to the AlphaMap itself or to AlphaMap (Fan's Update) (both from the curse gaming site). If AlphaMap is activated its scroll down menu work but yatlas get the error, if I disable the addon everthing works fine. Ill try the different versions later and tell you. Hope this can help you. Until then i disable alphamap for yatlas any time :-)
By: endx7 - 12-30-06 09:50 AM
Thanks for narrowing this down! I will investigate further.
By: cyral - 12-30-06 10:56 PM
Thanks for trying to fix it. As i said i tried the different versions but the problem exists by both.