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Cosmos MapNotes crashes Yatlas
Bug #: 3061
File: Yatlas
Date: 01-11-07 11:16 AM
By: Lamprey
Status: Awaiting Feedback
Trying to edit or delete a MapNotes note causes Yatlas to crash at Yatlas.lua lines 82 or 88 (current yatlas version 0.7.6) and the edit or delete fails.

The Yatlas code seems to be expecting notification of MapNotes updates, but I'm not sure what this is supposed to do as I have never seen a MapNotes note displayed in Yatlas. I have temporarily fixed this by preventing the block which contains these two lines, commented "wrap mapnotes for updates", from being executed. However a proper fix is required.

Thanks for an excellent addon.

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By: Lamprey - 01-11-07 11:43 AM
I should have said, the error from Yatlas is:

bad argument #1 to 'unpack' (table expected, got nil)

same on both lines
By: endx7 - 01-12-07 10:42 PM
I'll look into it, thanks!
By: endx7 - 01-12-07 10:55 PM
Does the version located at http://endif.cjb.net/misc/Yatlas-0.7.7-test1.zip fix your problem?
By: Lamprey - 01-18-07 07:39 AM
Yes it does, thank you. The 'arg' problem eh? I should have guessed!

Thsnk you.

How does the interface with MapNotes work? I still can't mark a point in MapNotes that appears in Yatlas.