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map data update for new BC areas
Feature #: 2080
File: Yatlas
Date: 02-08-07 08:58 AM
By: Dakhathkiam
Status: Under Review

first - great mod, really love it. There's two suggestions I'd like to make.

1. Please update the map data for Burning Crusade - I haven't been trough the portal yet so I'm not sure if there are Yatlas works for Outland, but it defnitily has no Data for the ne Blood Elves and Draenei starting areas.

2. I've no idea how you get the maps from within the game, but would it be possible to clean them up a bit for a future release? Currently there are lots of areas (many mountain regions, AQ40 and Orgrimmar) that look rather "messy" with blank spots messing up the imagery. There's a good example on what I'd like to see in Yatlas at this site - non-zoomable unfortunately, but nonetheless great looking.

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By: Dae - 11-22-07 03:43 AM
Actually, the BE and Draenei areas are included. Problem is, blizzard was lazy when they did it, and just tacked those areas on in the outlands package. Thus, the addon sees those texture areas as outlands and puts them in the outlands menu area, but the API returns location data as relates to the Azeroth map. I'm not sure if it's possible to line them up correctly or not, but if it is, it'll be an ugly hack at best.
By: endx7 - 11-25-07 10:05 PM
Yes, this is exactly what happens. No, I don't know how to make it work "properly."