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Use the ADDON channel rather than a public channel for data sharing?
Feature #: 1875
File: Saeris's LootLink
Date: 12-27-06 07:00 PM
By: Lohv
Status: Flagged for Future Version
Saeris, I think data sharing is a great idea. However, I wish it would use the built-in ADDON channel to distribute data rather than a hidden channel. Just today I logged in and all my chat channels were shifted up by 1 because the LootLinkShare channel was on 1.

You can read about the SendAddonMessage function here:

And the "CHAT_MSG_ADDON" event here:

The only limitation is that you will only be able to share data within your guild/battleground/raid/party but I think there will be no reason not to have to enabled by default.

Please consider this and keep up the great work!

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By: yoshimo - 01-02-07 03:34 PM
i suggested hidden-channels already as you did :

Originally posted by yoshimo
There are already hidden channels for addoncommunication in partys and guild. I'd suggest to use those.


The problem with using the addon comm channels is that there is no way to broadcast data globally with those, which is the primary goal of data sharing, especially with vendor price data.

I'd like to choose which of the following sources i want to receive data from and send data to: party/ guild / global channel

By: Lohv - 01-03-07 11:25 AM
Ah I see. Still I'd like for Saeris to reconsider his stance. Other than the issues I mentioned above, I think global broadcast just results in too much unnecessary/redundant traffic.
By: Saeris - 01-08-07 12:30 AM
Initially, the code was set to broadcast to those addon channels, with the global hidden chat channel being optional. However, this proved to be too much traffic even with the global channel disabled, usually resulting in disconnects just from sending one message to each of the addon channels. I will eventually add a dropdown in the Options window to toggle broadcasting to each of the addon channels, as well as the hidden channel, for those who wish to customize which channels will receive broadcast data.