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Trust everyone for datasharing?
Feature #: 2001
File: Saeris's LootLink
Date: 01-23-07 11:18 AM
By: Lohv
Status: Under Review
Is it possible to have an option to trust everyone by default? I thought broadcasting to the guild addon channel would automatically trust everyone in it, but I dual box, and on one of my characters I saw an item, clicked it, then went on my other machine to see if it was in that character's database. The item was not there. Or am I misunderstanding how sharing works?

If you still have to add people to a trust list to use those channels, would it be possible to have an option to trust everyone? Thanks!

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By: Lohv - 01-24-07 12:26 AM
Actually I put my characters on each other's trust list and still they're not getting new items when the other sees one.