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<Random Enchantment> Items
Feature #: 2537
File: LinksList
Date: 01-09-08 06:17 PM
By: FujiwaraTakumi
Status: Under Review
As far as I am able to tell, LinksList was able to take the from my previous LootLink installation after they were run together, but I was baffled as to why my LootLink database had some 65000+ entries, while the LinksList was only around 23000, then I realized that LinksList does NOT display the random enchantment links for items (i.e. Vengeance Helm). I'm not sure if this accounts for the 40000 entry loss, but in any case:

- LinksList should display item <Random Enchantment> (...of the x). This could be implemented in the same way LootLink displayed them (each item that had multiple versions would show only the armor stat and the item rarity on initial mouse-over, but would be expandable to choose the various random enchantments).

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By: FujiwaraTakumi - 01-09-08 06:26 PM
My mistake, initially the request did not appear, the second request is a more detailed description.