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bag break cause strange behavious
Bug #: 2235
File: OneBag3
Date: 09-30-06 05:03 PM
By: bunny
Status: Unconfirmed
I've found when enabling bag break - it adds an empty space/square, instead of producing a new line per bag. Also when adjusting columns and vertical alignment is set to 'bottom', the bag slots break out of the mod frame if 6, 13 and 26 columns are selected. This also happens on a number of selections for columns and show is 'forward' enabled.

For ref, I have 3x 14slot runecloth bags and 1x 20slot soulpouch. All other mods/addons were disabled for testing.


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By: Phanx - 01-16-07 06:22 PM
I'm encountering the same issue. Enabling bag break just adds an empty space rather than breaking to a new row. Changing vertical alignment or column count while bag break is enabled will cause bag slots to break out of the frame.

If the above poster meant that adjusting colums or v. alignment in general caused slots to break out, I didn't have that problem.

Tried with several characters with various numbers and sizes of bags.