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Start Duel() - Can't duel
Bug #: 2536
File: Ace2
Date: 12-08-06 04:22 AM
By: thehurricane
Status: Unconfirmed
[2006/12/08 04:13:58-34-x1]:
<event>ADDON_ACTION_BLOCKED:AddOn 'Ace2' tried to call the protected function 'StartDuel()'.

FrameXML\UnitPopup.lua:676: in function `func'

FrameXML\UIDropDownMenu.lua:493: in function

<string>:"DropDownList1Button7:OnClick":2: in function <string "DropDownList1Button7:OnClick"]:1>

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By: Felas08 - 08-17-08 03:39 AM
Uhem its never updated at wowinterface