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OneView and Holiday Misletoe, Holly Error
Bug #: 2794
File: OneBag3
Date: 12-20-06 02:03 AM
By: DanoPDX
Status: Unconfirmed
I have one char with two 14 slot bags in the bank, and a third slot with a 20 slot herb bag. The same char has 3 14 slot bags, and a 20 slot Soulbag. One of the bags is the "Thawpelt Sack" I have my cols in oneview, OneBag, and OneBank set to 14. Any item that I place into the 26th slot of my inventory (Miseltoe, Preserved Holly, Fresh holly, Morning Glory Dew, Light of Elune) that item becomes an icon in OneView's 7th bank slot, and there is a false bank bag showing in OneView that does not exist in my real bank.

I also tried to delete my oneview.lua in saved variables and start with a new one to see if that was it, but the error was still there.

I am using OneView from the file on wowace OneView-r21290.zip

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By: DanoPDX - 12-20-06 02:05 AM
If I empty that 26th spot in my inventory the bank in Oneview is perfect. Sorry for the title I thought it was because of the holliday items, but discovered that it's any item I place in that location.
By: DanoPDX - 12-21-06 09:56 PM
I am using OneView r21711, and it has a slightly different error. Whatever item is in the 26th slot still makes a false bag in the Bank Section of OneView, but now the contents of that false bag has four items that correspond with the 27th through 30th slot in my inventory.

By: DanoPDX - 12-22-06 10:02 PM
OneView r21777 same issue
By: Breet - 12-24-06 03:08 AM
I also get this issue with both Mistletoe and Wizard oil.
Bankalt has 2 runecloth bags 1 journeyman (all 14 slot)
yet Wizard oil will show as the 7th bang bag slot.
Mistletoe is the same as above.
By: DanoPDX - 12-24-06 03:36 AM
Using OneBag-r21897, OneBank-r21899, OneRing-r21901, OneView-r21902 seems to have resolved this issue.