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Black textures in Vista with ATI x1950
Bug #: 3303
File: OneBag3
Date: 02-08-07 04:17 AM
By: spyder81
Status: Unconfirmed
I'm having a weird problem with OneBag (as well as OneBank) after upgrading my video card from an Nvidia 6800 to an ATI x1950. All plain slots have this massive black border:

If I turn off the value highlight, every slot looks like that. Similarly, turning on the bag selection clears the ugly black texture:

Using the exact same install of WoW on the same computer, XP is fine.

Is this something you can fix, or should I submit it to ATI as a bug in their Vista drivers?

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By: spyder81 - 02-17-07 09:09 AM
Nevermind, I had to reinstall for an unrelated reason and it's fine now.