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OneStorage Error
Bug #: 3322
File: OneBag3
Date: 02-12-07 01:54 PM
By: happeria
Status: Unconfirmed
I've got the entire set of One addons. In my addons list however, it says under OneStorage that the dependency is disabled. When I mouse over it, there's a space then comma then Ace2 ( , Ace2) which makes me think that it thinks there's an addon with no name that it depends on? I noticed that it's a library in the wowace.com wiki, so does OneStorage belong in the libs dir therefore nullifying my need to have it in the Addons folder?

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By: Kyrlin - 02-28-07 07:37 PM
I also have this issue, "Dependency missing" relates to the Ace2 framework.
To fix this all you need to do is edit OneStorage.toc and change the line that reads:
## Dependencies: Ace2
## OptionalDeps: Ace2

This will fix the error you get on the addons screen but I'm not sure if it's what should be actually done, just by looking over a few other ace files I can see it might need to be:
## Dependencies: OneBag

I guess someone else with more Ace knowledge will need to tell us