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Unable to open config menu
Bug #: 3769
File: OneBag3
Date: 06-26-07 10:51 AM
By: WurmD
Status: Unconfirmed
when clicking on the button to open the onfiguration menu from One Bag, OneBank or OneView (and the char selection menu)
this error appears:

Interface\AddOns\OneBag\libs\Dewdrop\Dewdrop.2.0.lua:600: attempt to call global 'GetFullScreenFrame' (a nil value)

this very same error for all those addons, and obviously the screen does not appear, which means that to configurate the bags i have to do it by line commands (which is fine),

[b]but i am unable to select another char with OneView, i do not know the line command to do this[\b]