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AceConsole is missing 2 important concepts (pt 1: execute with data)...
Feature #: 1048
File: Ace2
Date: 07-10-06 11:18 AM
By: xelepart
Status: Under Review
AceConsole seems to be designed to handle things in the same way a GUI would. The problem is a GUI is a comprehensive combination of input systems, while a console needs a more compact single-command option for data execution.

And since that made no sense:
A GUI can have:
Spell Name: [text box]
Spell Rank: [pulldown]
Spell Target: [text box]
[button: cast spell]

and that makes perfect sense. But having to type 4 console slash commands to do the same thing sucks:
/mymod name Greater Heal
/mymod rank 5
/mymod target raid32
/mymod cast

You want to just type:
/mymod cast raid32 "Greater Heal" 5

This is actually two feature requests, so up to this point, they are the same. Now they diverge:
You need an "execute with data" option. I'm not setting anything if I cast a spell, there's no get. I just want execute, but I want arguments passed in. It's not the "text input" 'cause nothing gets set and there's no "get" method, so the interface doesn't make sense, it's very kludgy to make it do what I want, and it ends up outputting very strange things to the user, 'cause "command console: cast is now set to [None]" makes no sense when you cast a spell. There's an important distinction between setting a text field and taking an action that requires data. There is no GUI version of this concept, of course, because the entire GUI itself represents this. It is multiple inputs coupled with an action.

Please. Every mod I want to convert requires this, and I'm unwilling to use the kludgy "getter/setter" text option... and i really want to update to Ace2. :)

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By: Kaelten - 07-10-06 02:02 PM
currently if you do get = false during a text it can give you that kind of usage.
By: xelepart - 07-12-06 08:59 AM
Good to know. I left get as nil, hoping for that, and got the error "get must be a string."