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Bag Seperation
Feature #: 1157
File: OneBag3
Date: 08-02-06 02:21 PM
By: Tix
Status: Under Review
OneBag is great!! The interface is far superior to blizzard's bag system. Here are two options I would like to see if possible.

Now that I use OneBag, I find myself missing the ability to organize based on bag. When I had all 16slotters it was great, I could set the columns at 8 and I would have 2 rows for each bag. now that I picked up an 18lot bag thigs are a little harder to discern. What I would like to see is maybe a feature where the bags could be seperated in the display in suchaa way that I could have all bags as two rows each with a small gap between them. Or maybe a "start new row with new bag" option.

With a hunter as my main, the ammo bag is particularly important to me, but I don't like to see it with my normal inventory. Yes I know I can turn the ammo bag off, however, I would still like to be able to see it at a glance. Ideally I would like to be able to open a seperate OneBag view for the ammo bag when I click on my quiver. For some reason I get a better sense for the amount of ammo i have by looking at the bag than I do with the count of arrows.

Hope these make sense, and thanks for the great mods.

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By: Kaelten - 08-02-06 07:26 PM
well you know you can hide it and then when you click on the bag it shows the slots for the given bag regardless.
By: Tix - 08-03-06 09:10 AM
Heh.. this is why I let the smart people develop the addons... I'll stick to quantum physics.

I would still like to see the organization aspects though. I love the interface, I've just never been a fan of wall-o-inventory.
By: khawes - 08-23-06 10:47 PM
I actually thought that the "bagbreak - Sets wether to start a new row at the beginning of a bag" would start a new row on each bag (like requested above) but it instead puts in one empty bag slot.

I too would like to see a start a new row on a new bag option. Unless the existnig option suppoed to do it, in wihcn case I hope it gets fixed
By: Kaelten - 08-24-06 05:33 AM
well it actually did do it originally I changed it to this behavior because the other's effect was really ugly. And I got some negative feedback on it. You'd be suprised by how bad it was.