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Item highlighter/searcher
Feature #: 1212
File: OneBag3
Date: 08-11-06 08:13 AM
By: teedog
Status: Under Review
Is there any chance you can implement something like the Bagnon_Spot component of Bagnon?

Bagnon_Spot allows you to type in a text string and it will highlight items in your bags/bank that match the string. I often find myself staring at my full bags looking for an item I am certain exists and yet refuses to be found. Something like Bagnon_Spot would be a godsend.


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By: teedog - 09-19-06 04:13 PM
Screenshot of the feature:
By: deluXE - 01-02-07 07:58 AM
I second this request, an addition like this would be great.
By: Mars85 - 06-08-07 10:22 PM
Yes this feature would be nice very nice