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Feature #: 1628
File: OneBag3
Date: 11-19-06 11:22 AM
By: Kayde
Status: Under Review

I'm dumbfounded that you actually track what equipment all my characters have in KCItems, but you dont have the ability to view that equipment offline as part of OneBag.

Is there a reason for this? Have you found another mod that provides this feature, but is as clean as your write yours? If so, then forget I suggested it, but if not:

My feature suggestion would be that of exactly how MyBags worked, with having a seperate box display (with the same features and layout as the bags and bank) for character equipment inventory, with the same drop down selection for different toons as you do now.

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By: Kayde - 12-09-06 03:03 PM

I hadn't seen any feedback here in some time, so I wanted to stop by and ask about this again.

If there is a better character viewer than one that can be integrated into your module (since you track and store that information anyways), then PLEASE let me know what it is! Currently I'm using Character Storage, which is fine on the surface, but it does not order my contents the same way I have set in your addon (which I will discuss with that author), but it is doubling the storage information just so that I can see what my other toons are wearing at the time.

I made a mistake in my original request that I'd like to correct and clarify. I said "with the same drop down selection for different toons as you do now." I know that this is not the way that you do your off line viewing and I apologize for the mistake. In turn, I would request to have this feature added to the current viewing method of OneView. So OneView would contain Equipment, Inventory, and Bank information - all in a singular screen.

PLEASE let me know if this is being thought about, discarded, planned, or what other viewer for character info alone is out there which isn't bloated (I have yet to find one myself).
By: stqn - 09-22-07 03:07 AM
I would love it too if OneView could display the equipment of all my alts!