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Feature #: 2030
File: OneBag3
Date: 01-29-07 02:29 PM
By: Blueleaf
Status: Under Review
By far this is one of the best Bag mods I have used. there are only two things that I wish could be changed

1. Add server information to frame title (for OneBag and OneBank) I know this sound trivial but for one like myself that uses the same character name accross several servers, Some times I forget what server I am on LOL.

Currently Fame name format is as follows: [Character]'s Bags
Change to display: [[email protected]]'s Bags

2. Would like the option to keep my bags open after leaving the Bank, Auction House, or vendor.

If anyone has a quick fix sor this I would be Greatful, Please PM me if you have one.

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By: fibby - 09-05-07 03:49 PM
1. Character name in frame title does not serve like a useful information. It's more of a space filler -- if you hide this string "[character]'s bags" the space at the top of the frame will look abnormally void. BUT it can be filled with other useful elements -- for example, item search field. In that case frame title can be removed at all.
Now, if you often forget what realm are you in, just type "/2 hey peeps what realm is this? LOLZ i forgotten".

2. Well, is it hard to press "B" again? Anyways, here's the fix: find strings
self:RegisterEvent("BANKFRAME_CLOSED", close)
self:RegisterEvent("AUCTION_HOUSE_CLOSED", close)
self:RegisterEvent("MERCHANT_CLOSED", close)
in file OneBag.lua and comment them out.