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Automatic sorting & new layout.
Feature #: 2049
File: OneBag3
Date: 02-03-07 12:03 PM
By: alx
Status: Under Review

I've an coole idea to make bags easier to use:
automatic sorting and displayes in a new layout.

The explanation is on the screens.

This is just an montage - there is until now no such program.

Here is an alternate laypout:

This is an other character with different bag contents:

(In this version the items are ordered by Item Level, nor price)

This is how Mr.Plow would organize it:

I think, this can be very handy.
Here a few last explanations:
  • the bag should be stacking the items so, that
    • as few as possible slots are used (join 2 times 10 cloth together)
    • places in profession bags should be used first
  • the bags don't have to be sorted itself, the addon can just move the slots around
  • if there are more than one slot filled with the same thing, just display one with a new text, which shows how many slots used and items there
  • all free slots (except one for destacking) can be hidden
  • I've used the Informat (part of Auctioneer) to gather class, price and item level.
  • The exact way of displaying, merging classes and sorting is not yet defined.
  • You should be able to specify slots to hide from the interface (e.g. mount, fhishing equipment, enchanting rods, ...)
  • the free slot at the bottom, for destacking, should be in the bagback (not one of the four bags) cause, for example you must have the scroll to create a guild in you backback(!)

Hope also other people find this a good idea, and that someone can implement it.

I do offer my help to do this, but I'm an beginner on lua (but good in programming at all).

Ciao, ALeX.