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Feature #: 2423
File: OneBag3
Date: 09-04-07 05:27 PM
By: fibby
Status: Under Review
I know it's been posted few times here already, so I'll post it once more :)

So, the idea is to have one's inventory organized. This can be done by splitting inventory into several bags of arbitrary (and even variable) size. And then having your items automatically sort out into these different bags.

I) This is how i see it:
1) Player presses "New bag" button. OneBag creates new bag (hereafter i'm calling it "virtual") with all corresponding frames and data structure. New bag is assigned "virtual" id, say, 143. Bag is initially empty and as such takes 0 space.
2) Player moves [Superior Healing Potion] into the new bag. OneBag remembers that itemID "3928" is to be stored in virtual bag 143.
3) Organizing OneBag frame: scan through all player's "real" bags and see what items are there. All items which were put into correspondence with one of the virtual bags populate those bags, all other items go into "default" bag. Player sees that all his superhealing potions were moved into his new virtual bag. Moreover, whenever he acquires new healing potion in the future, they will be automatically placed into corresponding bag.
4) Player quickly moves his mana potions / bandages / elixirs / whatever into new bag to unclatter the main bag. OneBag diligently creates list profile.items = {[3928]=143, [3443]=143, [21991]=143, ...}.
5) Repeat step 1 until full happiness.

II) Advantages of this approach are:
* user is in full control of how items are sorted and which items go where
* no need to include any extra mods like Tradeskill or PeriodicTable (which btw often fail to account for some newer items)
* interface is intuitive and also easy-to-implement

III) Ok, now not to sound bareworded i tried to implement those things for myself... So i rewritten few things here and there, and this is what i've got so far: OneBag v2.0.ftw. Note: this version is far from complete. Among great many bugs that must surely dwell there, there are several issues i'm aware of:
* OneView doesn't work anymore ;) (ok, it's not totally bad, it's about 4 lines which must be changed in OneView to make it work again)
* Locales other than enUS won't work
* BagSlot.blp disappeared (sorry Kate-monster, me no mean to)
* Not able to drag items from OneBag virtual bags directly into OneBank virtual bag -- only into default OneBank bag

IV) There are also few things which might or might not be interesting to add:
* Commands like [Store bag contents into bank], [Store bag into bank], [Retrieve bag from bank]. Or maybe even an option to automatically store bag contents into bank when you visit it?
* I.W.I.N button