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Bar 1 Suddenly Loses All Buttons and does not change upon shapeshift but changes when i press shift
Bug #: 3892
File: Bartender3
Date: 08-29-07 12:07 AM
By: Vexir
Status: Unconfirmed
Hi there, this is my setup:

I have 4 button paging set up on Bar 1. Bar 1 changes to a certian bar when I shapeshift into Cat, Bear, and Prowl. It also changes into a certain bar when I depress shift (i keep my healing spells on this one)

I dont know what caused it but I suddenly noticed that all the buttons on Bar 1 had dissapeared (when I enabled Show Grid it would show no buttons on it so I knew it was empty and not hidden)

Additionally, while pressing shift still makes the correct bar appear, if I shapeshift nothing changes. So its rather confusing to me that button paging is HALF working.

Do you have any idea whats going on? I REALLY would prefer if there was a way out of this than just reinstalling and resetting the addon - I have a setup that I don't quite remembre exactly but that I like very much haha.

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By: Vexir - 08-29-07 12:13 AM
Nvm a relog fixed the issue. Sorry to disturb, guess I jumped the gun on this one.