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everything in general settings is missing when setting up a bar
Bug #: 7531
File: Bartender4
Date: 10-04-11 02:36 PM
By: adamsdaddy
Status: Unconfirmed
I'm somewhat new with the addon thing but I've used a few and want bartender. I setup bartender4 from curse version 4.4.19 playing on wow wotlk version 3.3 (I think). I successfully installed the addon, clicked the minimap button and got the interface to open. I can turn on/off various bag bars and such but when I attempt to edit bar 1 the general settings screen is empty. Everything in visibility, state config and positioning is there and accessable. I went to bar 2 and all I got in the general setting area was a clickable "enable" button. I clicked but the general settings screen is still blank. Now I installed bartender on a different machine and I get the same result.

Am I doing something wrong? I went to youtube and other sites just to see what I should be seeing and what they show for general settings I do not have on my screen. I installed this today (Oct 4th, 2011) and would like to use it.

I will wait for your response. Hopefully it is something stupid on my part. Maybe I didn't click/unclick something. I turned off any and all other addons thinking there was a conflict but this didn't resolve anything.

thank you for your time.

[email protected]