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Minimized map bug in isle of thunder
Bug #: 7968
File: Mapster
Date: 04-13-13 03:07 AM
By: Zahiouninette
Status: Unconfirmed
I wanted to post a bug report, but I finally managed to solve it by unchecking (mini) Hide border.
I post it anyway to let you know :

When I'm in Isle of thunder a big part of the map do not show when in minimized mode. It remains transparent, no matter if I discovered the whole map.
I tried enabling / disabling fogclear, resetting fogclear data, deleting WTF Mapster files : I only got more blind zone on the map.
I'm not sure but I think this bug began after our realm reached the first stage of the isle, I had no bug before.
I use version 1.5.2.

Here is a screenshot of the problem :
(Mapster is currently skinned with ElvUI but I had the problem before I downloaded ElvUI)