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A Save feature
Feature #: 3156
File: Bartender4
Date: 11-29-08 03:59 AM
By: xander8645
Status: Under Review
I was just wondering if you could implement a feature that saves all the buttons of what the button is and where its placed in the bar. For example If I wanted to switch my talent build I would have to move around all the buttons that I would use for that talent tree. Like going from Prot warrior to Fury warrior, I would have to move around the buttons I use for fury. There is a similar feature that I use on a different mod called Talent Planner that has a save feature and the coolest thing about it is you can name the save to whatever you want! I was also wondering if its possible to have certain bars saved like: if you wanted to save bars 1,3,4 but not 2,5,6. Well thats my pitch I hope it can get some thought over it. :)

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By: Atane - 01-11-09 05:44 AM
There is an addon called actionbarsaver that can do this. it saves anything on your bars