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Experience Bar Rested Transparency
Feature #: 3211
File: Bartender4
Date: 12-30-08 07:44 PM
By: zacharysc
Status: Under Review
The suggest seems quite simple.

Could there please be an option to change the experience bar's rested bar transparency level? It is (in personal opinion) very hard to see how far I am currently rested because the experience bar's background is quite dark and transparent as well and with the very dark tint of blue on top of that it is just pretty hard to see how far my rested bar actually goes. (I know I am well rested so it has to be there).

The option could be similar to the alpha slider of the bar itself... except the slider would just change the transparency level of the rested bar.

On top of that, possibly a way to change the color of the rested bar? If that is possible?