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Notification Output Options
Feature #: 2486
File: SmartBuff
Date: 11-01-07 04:21 PM
By: livefastdiarrhea
Status: Under Review
I'd like more options for notification of rebuff -- actually, all messages from this addon. I'd like it to perhaps support alternatives to the Smartbuff splash. I'd really like the option to route messages from SmartBuff into Parrot or Witchhunt or SCT or the like.

Here's the download for Parrot:

Here's the download for an addon that has it's own splash and an option to route messages through Parrot and SCT and the like:

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By: bitechu - 01-29-09 05:35 AM
also for Mik's scrolling battle text, and then there are the default output frames in the blizz UI.