05-14-09 01:29 PM by: Dargen
As of May 14, 2009

EkInspect 1.10:
  • New addon to inspect the item levels of the gear on your self, your target, your party or your raid.
  • Results can be sorted, viewed, and announced to party, raid, or officer chat.
  • Can be used to determine who has the best gear for the vehicles used in the Flame Leviathan fight in Ulduar.
EkRaidAttend 2.82:
  • Added Ulduar bosses.
  • Added code to detect the defeat of Thorim, Hodir, Freya, and Mimiron in Ulduar.
  • Added Vault of Archavon bosses.
  • Added Obsidian Sanctum bosses.
  • Added Eye of Eternity boss.