Jun 16, 2010

EkRaidAttend 2.85:
  • Added "Ruby Sanctum" heading and bosses.
  • Added "Icecrown Citadel" heading and bosses.
  • Added "Trial of the Crusader" heading and bosses.
  • Added "Koralon the Flame Watcher" to "Vault of Archavon".
  • Added "Toravon the Ice Watcher" to "Vault of Archavon".
EkWaitList 1.34:
  • Fixed an error when clicking the "Whisper" button on the 3.3.5 test realm.
  • Added the command "/ekwl who reply". This will announce who is on the wait list to the last person that whispered you.
  • Added the whisper command "wl status". If nothing is typed after the word "status" then the addon will tell you what your status text is, otherwise it will change your status to the text that appears after the word "status".