All of my addons have now been updated for the WoW 2.0.3 patch.

EkRaidAttend changes:
  • Made changes to the raid detection code which should prevent the addon from taking attendance too soon after logging in.
  • Added code to detect when you enter and leave a battleground. While you are in a battleground the addon should behave as though you are not in a raid (in otherwords, it won't record attendances).
  • Added "Highlord Kruul" to the list of bosses.
  • Previously, the addon would display a window when you had more than 100 recorded attendances. The intent of this window was to make it easier for people who had the addon installed but were not using it, to disable future attendance taking and delete the attendances recorded so far rather than letting them silently accumulate. In this new version of the addon, the window is still present, but now it appears after 200 attendances, and re-appears every 200 after that. You can still choose to disable the window by clicking the checkbox at the bottom of the window. If you choose to delete all of the attendances, a confirmation window will now appear.
  • Added the following option: "Prompt me after every 200 new attendances." Selecting this option will disable the window which appears after every 200 recorded attendances.
  • Added the following option: "Record names that are not in your guild." Selecting this option will stop the addon from recording the names of people not in your guild who are on the EkWaitList wait list. If you choose not to turn this option on, you can still remove non-guild members later using the "Guild only" button in the EkRaidAttend notepad.
  • Added a "Record" button to the notepad screen. It creates a new attendance list and records the names contained in the notepad. There should only be one name on each line in the notepad. Blank lines are ignored.