08-04-07 06:41 PM by: Dargen
EkRaidAttend 2.65 changes:
  • Fixed an error that would occur when you opened page 2 of the options window.
  • If you are recording attendance using main names, it will now check if there is more than one person in the raid/waitlist that has the same main name. If there is a conflict then their actual names will be recorded rather than their main names. Prior to this change, if multiple people had the same main name then only one of those players would be recorded in the attendance list.
  • If you are recording attendance using main names and a main name conflict is detected, a list of those conflicts will be displayed in the chat window after the attendance is recorded.
  • The "Main name" and "Record" buttons in the notepad now check for main name conflicts amongst the names in the notepad.
  • Now sorts the player names that are shown in the chat window when an attendance is taken.
  • A reminder message is now displayed in the chat window when you have more than 500 attendance lists. The message will only be displayed once every 100 or more attendances, and only if there are more than 500 attendance lists at that time. The message reminds you how many lists you have and how to open the attendance lists window.
  • Added an option to disable the message reminding you how many attendance lists you have.
  • Added Karazhan and Hyjal Summit bosses.
  • If you right click on a section heading in the boss options window, it will now select or unselect all of the bosses in that section.
  • Finished localizing the text strings.