As of Nov 14, 2007

All of my addons have now been updated for the WoW 2.3.0 patch.

EkRaidAttend 2.69, and EkWaitList 1.19:
  • Due to issues with Blizzard's UIPanel-system code (they are looking into it), I have temporarily changed the addon window so that it does not behave like a standard UI window. This just means that it will no longer shift left/right when other UI panels are opened, such as the social or character windows. This change does not affect people that have this addon's "movable window" option enabled.

EkRaidAttend 2.69:
  • Added the Zul'Aman bosses.
  • Added a "Difference" button to the attendance lists window. Clicking this button will copy to the notepad those names that are in only one of the selected lists. Shift-Clicking this button will copy to the notepad those names that are not in all of the selected lists.
  • Updated the history.html and manual.html files.

EkBomb 2.00:
  • If a warning is too wide to display on the screen using the scale you have set, the addon will automatically resize the warning so that it fits on the screen.
  • You can now reposition the warning window by clicking one of the "Test" buttons and then dragging the warning that is displayed. The test button on the options window ignores the warning's duration in order to allow you more time to position the warning or change options.
  • Tabs have been added to the bottom of the EkBomb window (options, pre-defined, custom).
  • The new "Pre-defined" tab allows you to view the warnings that come with the addon.
  • The new "Custom" tab allows you to add your own general or character specific warnings.
  • Warnings are checked for in this order: custom character, custom general, pre-defined.
  • A "Default" button has been added to the color selection windows.
  • Added a new option: "Show detailed help tooltips". This enables the display of detailed tooltips.
  • Added a new option: "Show tooltips by the mouse pointer". This allows you to choose whether to show the detailed tooltips by the mouse pointer, or in the game's default tooltip location.
  • Added a new option: "Capture chat frame events and show event link". This records chat frame events and adds an [E] event link on each chat line. Clicking the link opens an event details window, which can be used to automatically create a warning based on the event.
  • Added a new option: "Size of chat event history". This allows you to adjust how many chat frame events are remembered by the addon.
  • The command "/ekbomb" now toggles the EkBomb window instead of just opening it.
  • Updated the documentation file (index.html).