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Map resetting every 15 seconds
Bug #: 3073
File: FuBar - GuildFu
Date: 01-11-07 08:08 PM
By: dracula
Status: Cant Reproduce
I noticed my map resetting to the current zone at seemingly random moments. It took me some time to figure out that GuildFu might be causing this.

Using DevTools' event-trace I noticed that every 15 seconds a GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE event is fired, immediately followed by a WORLD_MAP_UPDATE. When disabling GuildFu, the map does not reset; I've left it open zoomed on another zone for over 10 minutes. But when GuildFu is active, it keeps resetting every 15 seconds.

The ScheduleRepeatingEvent command on line 76 certainly has something to do with it; when I comment it, the map works fine (well, except for GuildFu no longer updating ofcourse).

Disabling the update event handlers doesn't change anything: with just empty OnDataUpdate, OnTextUpdate and OnTooltipUpdate event handlers the map still resets every 15 seconds.

I suspect any library may be responsible for this behaviour, but I've been unable to track it down further... Could you assist in this?

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By: Elkano - 01-12-07 04:14 AM
GuildFu calls GuildRoster() every 15sec in order to get updated data of your guild mate's locations. When the data has arrived, GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE will be fired by the client. Any addon listening to that event could thus be causing the problems.
I myself wasn't able to reproduce the WORLD_MAP_UPDATE event following GUILD_ROSTER_UPDATE so maybe it's one of you other addons causing the problems. Maybe an addon displaying your guild mates on the map?