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Drop-down lists as the old Garfield/Tekkub version had.
Feature #: 1566
File: FuBar - GuildFu
Date: 10-20-06 03:56 AM
By: Zidomo
Status: Wont add Feature
Nice 2.0 update of the old GuildFu (& FriendsFu) by Garfield (I was using Tekkub's SVN branches of those from long ago). I updated to FuBar 2.0 from 1.2 finally yesterday. Installed your updated Ace/FuBar 2.0 version of this (& FriendsFu).

A major issue with both of the mods, though.

Tekkub's branches (and/or the originals) of GuildFu & FriendsFu allowed you to rightclick the FuBar icons for the mod and get drop-down lists to either invite or chat someone. The original FriendsFu also allowed you to add someone to your friends list by name in a drop-down menu box.

These versions do not have that. Instead, you have to remember specific clicking functions.

Not nearly as good. There will be times when (with everything going on) that you may forget what each click does. So that you may mistakenly group invite someone when you really wanted to chat. Or mistakenly link the name in your chat bar instead of group inviting. And so on.

These really (really) need the drop-down menus the old GuildFu & FriendsFu had (as well as the box that could appear in FriendsFu to add a new friend by name).

Nice work, otherwise.

I'm not posting this same thing in your FriendsFu section unless you recommend doing do, as it would just be a repeat of what's here.

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By: Elkano - 10-20-06 08:22 AM
I'm not going to add this for a spimle reason: I don't see a point in doing it.
The clicks you can do atm are exactly the same as for player links in chat. Also alt-clicking a player name to invite though not being in the default UI was added by addon long time ago. So imho there is nothig extra to remember.
By: Zidomo - 10-20-06 04:13 PM
OK, you don't see the point but others may see the point and find great use in it, thus the post.

I wasn't asking for something totally new and/or outside the design targets for the mod. Was simply asking for something already present in old 1.2 versions of this (and FriendsFu) to be put back in.

Yes, remembering unique function clicks (and 2 out of those 3 clicks are unique) _is_ something extra to remember. As opposed to standard FuBar UI behavior of right-clicking to get a menu.

Finally, some folks prefer visual confirmation/selection before performing potentially risky or embarrassing actions--such as inviting people into a group when you didn't mean to. I dare you to find a single person who hasn't mis-clicked something in WoW before .

So I hope you might reconsider. In the meantime, I'm going to hack the menu methods of Tekkub's 1.2 versions of this & FriendsFu into your versions. And perhaps release them as branches sometime in the future...